About KinkySheaPT

I am first and foremost not just a wife, but a Navy wife. My husband (whom I am extremely proud of and honored to be with) and I gladly make small sacrifices to serve and protect our country. I’m a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and an avid lover of life. My motto for live has always been “live well, laugh much, and love often”. I began my natural hair journey back in 2007 after a terribly blotched relaxer. I transitioned using braids and trimming of the relaxed ends little by little. Finally in February 2009, I took out my last set of braids and cut of the last bits of the relaxer to reveal a head of natural healthy kinks and curls.  I must admit that I was a bit shocked and maybe a little disappointed when I finally saw my natural hair. However, I’ve been wearing my hair natural and learning about styles and tricks of the trade ever since. I’ve learned a few things here and there to help my hair achieve health and rock an awesome head of type 3C and 4A/B curls. Earlier this year, I decided it would be helpful to myself (and maybe other curlies who read my posts) to track my journey to see where I’ve been and where I’m going.  The natural hair journey can get frustrating at times but this will help me see my progress.  I absolutely adore my hair and have no regrets on becoming natural. It’s been my best hair decision yet and I’m loving every minute of it.


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  1. Jael Miller
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 10:40:12


    I’ve been transitioning for five months now. I wore kinky twists for two months of the journey, and I’m thinking about getting them again this fall.

    I’m always on the web researching information on blogs and you tube videos. I’ve enjoyed your health and fitness tips on CurlyNikki, and I recently found your blog . Thank you for sharing all your natural hair and health/fitness knowledge.

    I need some help. Since taking my kinky twits out I’ve been going back and forth between braid and twist outs, trying to perfect my styling skills and determine the best products to use. I come from a history of just wrapping and going to bed. So, I’m growing weary of twisting or braiding my hair every night. I’m working out more now, so my braid or twist outs don’t last for more than one day, and I can’t wear just the braids or twists because they don’t look right. What else can I do to maintain my style? Am I not using the right products for style maintenance? (I usually just apply my shea butter mixture and Fantasia IC gel to each dry section before twisting and rolling.)

    I really desire to have natural healthy hair so I don’t want to just run back to a relaxer for convenience,especially since my lifestyle change is the reason I’m transitioning. I’ve been involved in a bootcamp for a year, and now Im studying to be a CPT.



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