How to Create Your Hair Regimen

I came across this article today on one of my favorite websites It outlines the basics of creating a hair care regimen.  It’s basically how I created mine and thought it would be a good refresher for myself or to maybe help out a curly who is currently transitioning or newly natural. Check it out.

How to Create Your Hair Regimen




Movin’ On…

Welcome to my new home for my blog. I moved to word because the features are much better and I can easily update and postnpictures and videos from my iPod touch and Blackberry. I rarely had time to sit and update my blog on Blogger so this allows to do do it on the go which will hopefully allow me to post more. I will still leave my old home up but all new updates and posts will be here. If you are curious and would like to view my old post on my old blog you can check it out at